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Coping with the Loss of a Little One

And by little one, we mean, your beloved pets. Like any other living creature, pets pass on as well. And it is perfectly natural for you to be grieving an important part of your family. Sometimes it would seem to be an even bigger obstacle to grieve over the loss of a pet if you compare it to a human loved one. You will also have a smaller group of friends and family that can understand what you are going through. Not all people can sympathize and empathize as much when your beloved pets pass away. You won’t usually expect them to send you well-wishes, gifts, flowers, and comfort as you would when a relative passes away. It’s not exactly wrong but that is how the world works right now.

Aside from learning about a pet’s passing, what makes it more difficult at times is that you wouldn’t know why your beloved little creature has died. Not everyone wants to learn of the causes or sometimes there really is no way of knowing so closure might be a bit difficult to come by. On occasions, when you lose a pet and you’re not sure if it is just lost or has already passed, that just blurs the line of searching and grieving even further. It’s a loss but there is no definite way of how to go about it.

What can help you get through such a tough time would have to be doing something positive like celebrating the life of your beloved pet. You can choose to have a burial, cremation, or just hold a tribute with close friends and family who equally love your precious pet. This will help you get through that grieving process.

You can even choose to immortalize or memorialize your pet in its own personalized urn. You can put bits of its ashes or even fur in a specially-made pet urn necklace, which you can obviously carry around with you. Tap into your earth-friendly side and plant a tree or flower in your pet’s memory and place a memorial stone on it. Frame a photograph (if you haven’t already) or create a scrapbook for your pet. Or perhaps, this will be an opportunity for you to give back and volunteer or donate to a local animal shelter. By doing something good for someone else, that might help you feel better about your situation.

Make sure you don’t rush into getting a new pet though. It’s not for everyone. Some might not be able to find another pet to replace what they had.