What are the common types of kitchen worktops to choose from

Looking to overhaul your kitchen or just want to inject new life into the heart (or should we say belly?) of your home, then one of the things you are most likely considering is changing your worktop. There a couple of different types to choose from and to help you make the right choice to suit your taste, we have provided a guide for you about what you’d get from each type and the positives and negatives of owning one.


With wood, you are given a wide range of styles to choose from. It is impossible that you can’t find one to suit your taste. And you also get a unique piece of wood, no matter what you go for. Price varies from cheap to expensive when it comes to wood worktops and things like size, species, wood grade, thickness, and sometimes finish can determine the price you will have to pay. If you like doing things yourself, it can be easily fitted or you can take those made by suppliers that have already been cut to a template style and size. Wood can be easily cleaned, too.

The downside for it is that wood requires constant care. If you look after it properly, you won’t run into any problems, but if you don’t then you can wear it out rather easily. You also shouldn’t turn your wood worktop as a chopping board or place hot pots and pans on it if you don’t want to wreck the finish.


One of the more common worktops, laminate isn’t just budget-friendly; it is also easy to clean and to fit and comes in a wide variety of finishes and styles. If you want the look of fake granite or fake wood, you can achieve that with laminate.

But laminate’s durability is questionable, particularly the cheaper ones. You can get more mileage out of the higher quality ones but those on the cheaper side will look worn out pretty easily with its edges suffering from constant penetration of moisture.


While this has been initially linked to designer kitchens owned by rich and famous individuals, granite worktops have recently become more affordable and accessible for normal folk like you and me. Granite’s attractive to those who want to go for the unique factor since no two pieces of it are identical. As a natural product, it could be sourced from various locations, which means it would look different and feature unique characteristics. It has become a desired option by a lot of people because it is also quite durable, easy to clean, and is heat-resistant.

However, as affordable as it may have gotten, it is still on the more expensive side. It can also be harmed by acidic-based spills, such as fruit juice and red wine. And it’s not for your handyman. Plus, it is on the heavy side. You will need to have your units reinforced before putting a granite top on it.

There are other types of worktops you can work with—such as resin, polished cement, slate, and glass— but these are less  common options so it would be better to do your research before opting for one of these. Make sure they are durable, can be easily maintained or at least won’t be troublesome to maintain, can be cleaned easily, are heat- and water-resistant, and needs minimal repair.

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